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4 Reasons to Choose cre8colony’s Certification Programmes

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If you’re interested in a career in the creative media industry, cre8colony’s certification programmes, i.e. Creative & Digital Media (CDM) and Event & Hospitality Management (EHM), might just be up your alley. The result of a never-before-seen industry-academia collaboration, the programmes offer an optimal mix of solid academic knowledge from the acclaimed Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and real industry projects from real clients under the guidance of leading industry professionals.

Here are our top 5 reasons why cre8colony’s certification programmes are hard to beat:

1. It’s Hands-On! – ENGAGEMENT

At cre8colony, you don’t only learn the theoretical foundations of the creative industry; more importantly, you learn to apply this knowledge first hand in various interesting real-life assignments, right from the start!

2. It’s Efficient! – EFFICIENCY

Unlike most other study paths in Malaysia, cre8colony’s one-year certification programmes certainly pack a punch! They are specially designed to offer a full year’s worth of real-life work experience in addition to a solid academic foundation, ensuring that students truly get the best of both worlds without wasting any time.

3. It’s Well-Equipped – Convenience

Students will have access to furnished, secure spaces and the necessary infrastructure to support their assignment needs as well as industry-specific resources to help their creative knowledge to grow. The facilities include world-class video production equipment and also editing rooms.

4. It’s Value for Money – Cost-effectiveness

With SUSS as cre8colony’s Academic Partner, students are receiving tertiary education from an acclaimed Singaporean institute at local rates! What’s more, the MTD and FEM certification programmes each offer a total of 40 credit units upon completion.

In short . . .

Set to revolutionise the creative industry and educational landscape, cre8colony not only offers a unique work-cum-study experience but also connects students to an invaluable pool of industry professionals and resources.