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Let your child reap the benefits of both a solid academic foundation AND real-life work experience with cre8colony’s certification programmes. As a plus, we will be paying for . . . Read more


The increasing lack of employability of Malaysian graduates has been raising eyebrows. A key factor cited for this phenomenon is a widening gap between . . . Read more


cre8colony’s one-year certification programmes, i.e. Multimedia Technology & Design (MTD) and Facilities & Events Management (FEM), offer students the…Read more


cre8colony’s one-year certification programmes are tailor-made to prime creative media students on the path to success…Read more


If you’re interested in a career in the creative media industry, cre8colony’s certification programmes, i.e. Multimedia Technology & Design (MTD) and Facilities & Events Management (FEM), might just be up your… read more 


In today’s fast-paced world, technology and creativity have become key components in the multimedia realm, combining an array of graphics, visuals, texts, videos, animation and . . . Read more

High School Students In Class Using Laptops

Many industry people lament about the experience gap between fresh graduates and much-needed work experience, but what about . . . Read more

Casual students looking at notice board in college

So you’ve just graduated with your STPM/A-Levels and you’re interested to pursue a career in creative media. But do you really know what you need to look for? . . . Read more

Female Presenter Interviewing  In Television Studio With Crew In Foreground

From old school to new, from print and broadcast to online, digital and social, media continues to be a relevant aspect of today’s technology-driven world . . . Read more

Asian female backpacker take photo in Penang, Malaysia.

Many creative greats had their start here; many more have come here to be inspired . . . Read more