Give Your Child an Industry-Ready Start in Education - Cre8Colony
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Give Your Child an Industry-Ready Start in Education


Let your child reap the benefits of both a solid academic foundation AND real-life work experience with cre8colony’s certification programmes. As a plus, we will be paying for your child’s tuition fee!

The certification programmes offer a unique industry experience component that allows the student to not only garner hands-on experience in real-world scenarios but also earn up to 50% of their tuition fees at the same time. They will be working under the guidance well-known media industry and the programmes also encourage community service projects.

What are cre8colony’s one-year certification programmes about?

  • They provide work experience and open doors to invaluable networking opportunities.

  • They are available to STPM, IB Diploma and A-Level graduates as well as other university graduates
    and working adults looking to build or enhance their portfolios

  • They offer financial aid (50% scholarship) to deserving students.

  • They are a collaborative effort with the acclaimed Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS),
    providing students with a seamless path to continue their career in creative industry.

What kind of work do the students do?

The 50% hands-on work component in cre8colony’s certification programmes emphasises practical on-the-field assignments related to your child’s course of study. Your child will learn to manage real jobs and real clients under the guidance of leading professionals in the creative industry.

Are the jobs on campus or off campus?

Both. Your child will be given the opportunity to interact and engage with clients first hand, which could involve going off campus for briefings, presentations and follow-ups. Simultaneously, they will also be learning from and working closely with their training instructors, both on campus and on the field.

What are the study & working hours like?

Students will have one class per subject. This will be delivered via live or pre-recorded lectures and they will not be required to be on campus. Normal working hours are from 9am to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays.