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Female Presenter Interviewing  In Television Studio With Crew In Foreground

The Importance of Media Technology & Media Studies

Why study media? Why not?

After all, communication is at the heart of all human (and even non-human!) interactions and media is the inevitable channel required to convey the necessary ideas and expressions to one another. In other words, communication is what makes society tick (and evolve and progress) and media is the vehicle that will facilitate this.

Media is as diverse as it is essential. From old school to new, from print and broadcast to online, digital and social, these continue to be a relevant aspect of today’s technology-driven world, especially so in the corporate and social arenas.

The media technology industry proves to be crucial in the current era of social networking and online marketing. Because of the rapid frequency with which communication occurs in the modern day, the media technology industry consistently updates itself with the practicality of the ever-changing times in order to deliver increasingly precise means of communication.

But technology cannot be supported by industrial expertise alone. An understanding of how media works is also crucial to add understanding and historical context in regards to the various media forms. These studies, pushed by both academia and industry players, are laid there for people to understand the fundamentals of communication.