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Asian female backpacker take photo in Penang, Malaysia.

Penang’s Creative DNA

Did you know that Penang has a rich creative media heritage?

Many creative greats had their start here; many more have come here to be inspired. Among those who call(ed) Penang home are acclaimed talents such as filmmaker Saw Teong Hin, legendary entertainer P. Ramlee and world-renowned fashion designer Jimmy Choo.

The mix of British colonial architecture with Malaysian cultural sensibilities has cast an influential spell on these people and many others, whose works beautifully display the vibrancy of Penang’s culture. It is to Penang’s testament that this nostalgic quality permeates throughout most if not all works of Penang-born and/or –based creatives, gently allowing a blend of old and new to create works that are fitting with the times, yet retain a traditional sensibility.

Today, the strands of Penang’s creative DNA reach out to various areas ranging from Singapore all the way to New York City. With the renaissance of the Penang creative and media scene following George Town’s classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, artistes from across the globe have come here to be inspired by its culture and heritage for their next creative endeavour, consequently expanding Penang’s creative DNA further. Even foreign artists such as Ernest Zacharevic and Hollywood blockbusters such as Mechanic: Resurrection and Anna and the King prominently feature Penang.

In order to preserve and expand this strand further, some media partners are already offering their services to nurture and cultivate a new generation of creatives by offering students and professionals opportunities to collaborate with industry insiders. With these collaborations, it is hoped that Penang’s cultural identity can thrive on within future creative works for generations to come.