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Real-Life cre8ive Experience with cre8colony’s Creative Media Partners


cre8colony’s one-year certification programmes, i.e. Multimedia Technology & Design (MTD) and Facilities & Events Management (FEM), offer students the perfect opportunity to boost their portfolios and resumes, and get them ready for the working world.

Thanks to our panel of Creative Media Partners: Penang-based WIN World Group and Singapore-based CreativesAtWork and Media Architects Pte. Ltd., students will find themselves working on real-life industry projects covering areas such as media and video-making, press conferences, advertising and marketing and photography. These projects are carefully constructed to allow the students to gain invaluable hands-on experience in and industry insights into the respective fields as they work under the guidance and expertise of the three Creative Media Partners.




Based in Singapore, CreativesAtWork is a media agency that brings together project owners and media freelancers from all over the world. With a strong network of media freelancers, CreativesAtWork provides complete solutions for every project owner’s media needs and requirements. From corporate branding and graphic design, to video production and post-production, to photography and talents, CreativesAtWork covers the entire chain of media skills.


Media Architects Pte Ltd:

Media Architects Pte Ltd is the leading broadcast, professional video and interactive display solutions provider in Singapore, South East Asia and India. The company has served broadcasters, professional videographers, universities and corporate customers across South East Asia since 2001. Media Architects leverages on new media technologies to help produce high-quality videos for various clients, including Panasonic, LiveU, Panopto and NewTek, while also serving as media distributors for Blustream, Cerevo, iKan, iSmart, Matrox, MobileViewPoint and ProMax.


WIN World Group:

Offering clients an integrated approach to branding, marketing and public relations, WIN World Group has a unique ability in providing strategic media solutions together with its broadcast, print, digital and social media partners. WIN World Group is a pioneer in the industry, with a synergistic repertoire of integrated marketing communication services packed in a first-of-its-kind all-encompassing global creative hub.