Why is Skills Development Critical? - Cre8Colony
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High School Students In Class Using Laptops

Why is Skills Development Critical?

Many industry people lament about the experience gap between fresh graduates and much-needed work experience, but what about those who are already in the working world? Do these professionals have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to thrive in the industry for the long term?

This is where lifelong learning comes in. By embracing lifelong learning, one will be able to continuously grow and develop their professional skills to ensure that these are always industry-relevant. Consequently, it is essential that adult learners are afforded the opportunities to hone their skills and knowledge academically as they update their professional portfolios as well as upgrading their credentials and improving their performance.

“It’s never too late to learn”, as the phrase goes. As such, we need to encourage and engage adult learning as a whole so as to create an effective workforce that is globally relevant and capable of meeting current and future needs within their respective fields.